Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Reach for the stars

I very often find myself completely in awe of genuine talent. Not that there was much of it on show on 'Britain's Got Talent' last Saturday night. With the possible exception perhaps of a truly gifted pianist/composer, and a young boy already unfairly tagged with the unfortunate label 'the new Justin Bieber'. The winner of the competition was okay, but nothing special, I thought.

However, Knightthorpe Methodist Church, at roughly the same time as the aforementioned telly programme, was positively overflowing with talent! Those that managed to drag themselves away from the scintillating spectacle of a singing dog (gawd 'elp us!), were treated to a quite superb evenings entertainment provided by Enchanted and Loughborough Male Voice Choir's very own Chris Hill, to mark the Churches Flower Festival.

Listening to the girl's varied programme of folk songs, operatic and musical theatre numbers, one couldn't help but wonder what 'The Hoff', Michael MacIntyre, Amanda Holden and a certain Mr Cowell would've made of them and Chris Hill's Beatles medley too! Armed with just a list of Beatles song titles, Chris seems to simply make it up as he goes along, seamlessly blending together about ten of the band's all time classics. Astonishing stuff!

The last Loughborough Male Voice Choir rehearsal turned out to be a bit of a confidence boost as we went through the vocal minefield that is Amarillo. When Chris said "second tenors please" for once, I just 'went for it'. All us second tenors have struggled with this piece, as has the whole choir really, but it's coming - slowly. I got through the relevant section completely and to me at least, it sounded in tune and reasonably okay. Mind you, a little later on I got a little over-confident, went for it again but started about an octave too high! Whoops! Thankfully, I didn't allow that little embarrassment to crush my fragile confidence and I soon got back on track.

Chris has just sent through the draft programme for the LOROS Concert in October and it looks like a whole heap of new parts for me to learn. Of the thirteen pieces, 8 are from the choirs existing library but there's only one I've touched on so far - and its my favourite (?), When the Saints. Nice! Add to this five new pieces and it looks like a busy summer for yours truly.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to master Giordani's Caro Mio Ben in order to stun and amaze Caroline at my next lesson! A few evenings ago I found that our loo has strangely good acousticsI It's the one place in the house where I can hear my own singing voice nice and clearly, so this could become my regular practice venue. Mind you, that might prove a touch 'inconvenient' for the rest of the family!!! Ho-ho!

Until next time.

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