Monday, 24 October 2011

LOROS concert - some photos

Anyone who follows this blog and pays any attention to the viewing stats (okay, that's unlikely, but you never know) will have noticed a bit if a surge in visitor numbers over the last week. I was curious to know where these visitors were coming from and suspected a few from Wales perhaps? Sure enough, a sizeable number have found my humble blog via The Fron's own website, where they have included a photograph of the concert together with a link to 'A Nightingale Sang...' and my review of the concert!

Well, ain't that great? I emailed a contact at The Fron website thanking them for the link and asking for permission to use the photo. This morning I received a reply from Jon Haddy the web manager of The Fron who says he enjoyed reading my blog and has also sent me two photographs of the concert which I am free to use. I have also received an email from Allan Smith, the treasurer and 1st tenor with the choir who also thanked me for my blog report on the concert and has said that if I'm ever  in their neck of the woods, to feel free to call in to one of their rehearsals! Now there's an offer one simply cannot refuse! Now, where is Froncysyllte - pass me the road atlas!

So, it's time to play 'Spot the LMVC members' For a close up view, just click on the photo:-

The Froncysyllte Male Voice Choir with the massed Midlands Choir
at De Montfort Hall, Leicester. (Photo courtesy The Fron Choir)

The choirs with Union flags a-flutter for 'Rule Britannia'.
 (Photo courtesy The Fron Choir)

I am not aware of anyone from our choir having any photos of the event, but if you do, please let me have a copy and I will feature them in this blog.

That's all for now!

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