Friday, 18 May 2012

Concerts, concerts, concerts. . . .

Heaven knows how I ever found the time to actually go to work! Since finding myself  'between jobs' I have been as busy as ever what with decorating at the in-laws house and numerous choir rehearsals and singing lessons. What fun!

Let me start today by making up for a quite shameful omission from my last post. For some inexplicable reason, I failed to mention the momentous first concert performance of the epic I Believe at the end of the concert last month. This was the final piece that the Caroline Sharpe Singers performed in the Kegworth concert and it had Enchanted singing Ave Maria over the top of it. It sounds crazy and it is! Cheesey? Absolutely, in fact it is a veritable Cheese Shop of cheese that would make Monty Python proud! It's one of those  arrangements that could turn out to be truly epic or an embarrassing disaster.

One or two I suspect feared the latter, but on the night it was quite definitely the former! The climax sees all of us giving it 'max' volume in a 16 beat finish - something that left some of us purple faced and in urgent need of CPR. The audience loved it and I believe (pun intended!) that a number of the audience were in tears at the end of it and for all the right reasons. I really am kicking myself for not taking the camcorder along to record it, as it is impossible to tell how it sounds from within the choir, but I suspect that this will become CSS's traditional final song for a while, so there should be more opportunities to record it. 

With April's concerts out of the way, May is the time to learn some new stuff. Like  Linden Lea, For example which seems a nice little song and just so happens, by sheer coincidence I'm sure, to be among the selection of songs required for ABRSM Grade 5 Singing! Then there's a potential duet with Anna-Ruth which should be fun, though my operatic singing voice needs serious work. And I'm not entirely convinced that Brindisi, the 'Drinking Song' from La Traviata is the wisest choice for a Methodist Church!

Now, on April 28th was another concert from Enchanted. The original venue in Wilne was cancelled very late on due to flooding in the area which meant there could've been serious problems actually getting to the Church. But rather than cancel the concert altogether, a switch was hastily arranged to Draycot Methodist Church. We all feared a tiny audience at best, but these fears proved unfounded as a pretty much full house assembled by the start time. So a big pat on the back to all concerned with the venue switch!

Enchanted were exceptional again. Pretty faultless performances form all the girls I thought. The soloists, Holly, Olivia and Anna-Ruth were quite excellent. Each of their voices continue to develop and it's wonderful to hear. Also in the concert was the guest soloist for the night, the bass/baritone voice of Robert-John Edwards. Ruth, the girls and I had the benefit of hearing Rob rehearse at Caroline's house prior to going to the concert and he was impressive even then, but in the concert proper, he was something else entirely.

As I have said on numerous occasions, I hope in time to really 'perform' a song rather than merely sing it. Well, here was a singer to truly aspire to. The poise, stage presence and abundant confidence with which Rob performed was quite inspirational. Here was a master at work. The subtlety of tone and expression I could only marvel at and take a mental note of. It might take me a while, but I'll get there with a little patience and determination.

Concert engagements are now coming thick and fast and I love it! Tonight at St Michael's Church, Sutton Bonington is another Enchanted concert together with the Sutton Bonington Voices, with the concert being in aid of Christian Aid. So it should be a cracking evening, particularly as it will be my birthday!. I'd like to say it is a concert specially to celebrate my 21st birthday, but that would be a lie. As would the number 21!

On the following night it will be my turn as the Loughborough Male Voice Choir presents it's latest concert from Trinity Methodist Church. Entitled 'A May Sing - Music for a May Evening' we will be joined by the Loughborough CE Primary School Choir. With the young school choir performing and a possibly young audience too, the concert starts at the earlier time of 7pm, so don't be late folks!

One other thing before I go. A week or so ago, a booklet about the next Leicester Festival came through our letter box and curiosity got the better of me. Should I, or shouldn't I? Enter that is! It seems that support for such festivals is on the decline a bit, so perhaps I should, if only to boost the numbers a bit! Nah, who am I kidding! If I enter, I'm in it to win it matey! As the festival is in November that will coincide nicely with Caroline's annual pupils concert, so if I could do a song that would be suitable for both, that might work without giving me any extra to learn. Hmm, should prove an interesting challenge and another test of my confidence/nerves!

Oh, before I forget, Ruth has produced a blog in preparation for the upcoming,  first ever, 'Enchanted Tour'. For details click here.

Better go as I desperately need to learn the words to Myfanwy seeing as Chris Hill has thrown it into the programme late with the additional requirement to sing it without copies! Er, thanks Chris!

See y'all soon,

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