Saturday, 9 April 2011

And. . . . . R E L A X !

It's Saturday 9th April 2011. Today is the day of my performing debut with the Loughborough Male Voice Choir.

I've been trying to wrack my brains to remember the last time I performed anything in public. As far as I can recall, it was an orchestral concert in my last year at school way back in 1978, shortly before leaving school for good and prior to going to college. So that's about thirty-three years ago!

Thursday evening saw the choir's final rehearsal before the concert and it went pretty well I think. My only problem was what to do about the opening song, 'With A Voice of Singing' which is to be sung without music. Having only really tackled this one a couple of times, I have little hope of knowing the whole thing by heart in time for the concert, so what to do? Chris gave me three options: 1) to stand with the choir and sing what I can and 'goldfish' the rest. 2) stand with the choir and just not sing, or 3) stand at the side and join the choir for the second song. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions....

I think I will opt for the first. Option 3 might look like I've been sent to the naughty step, while option 2 might feel a bit awkward. So I'll have a go, sing what I can and bluff the rest!

During Thursday's rehearsal Lyndon mentioned the need to 'control the nerves' in order to sing to our best. Now up to this point I hadn't even considered nerves, but I think it inevitable that my stomach wil be churning a bit prior to the start. I'm sure also that I will need exclusive access to the 'little boys room' for much of the early evening! But, I am determined to enjoy it and do my best. Like I said before, I can't at this early stage, expect to be anything like perfect, but I will contribute what I can and give it my best shot.

Before I go, I must say another big 'thankyou' to Chris Higgins for coming to my rescue again. At the end of Thursday's rehearsal, I realised that my family and in-laws had not yet bought tickets for the concert and the 'gig' wasn't far from being a sell-out. PANIC! I hurriedly phoned Ruth to check how many we needed and managed to acquire the necessary eight tickets. But in my haste to sort that little issue out I left my choir folder somewhere in Trinity and departed. On realising this potentially disastrous blunder I phoned Chris to see if anyone had found  said folder. By a strange quirk of fate, Chris had it with him! Phew! Crisis over and folder retrieved so I can now run through that opening song umpteen times to try and drum as much of it into my head as possible before 'kick-off'.

Better go!  Badge to somehow fix to jacket, shirt to iron and shoes to polish before the afternoon rehearsal with the Stevenage Ladies Choir.
Stay tuned for the concert review from the eye of this now slightly nervous debutant.


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