Saturday, 4 February 2012

Caroline Sharpe Singers and a fish called 'Bob'.

What is it about singing? Its capacity to lift the spirit is quite remarkable and must represent the best possible therapy to help counter the debillitating effects of life's stresses and strains. Heaven knows, with the black cloud of redundancy hovering overhead, I might just need it all the more in the coming months.

Anyway, let's not dwell on all that just now. There's much more exciting stuff to discuss, such as the aftermath of the Long Eaton concert, a splendid singing lesson with Caroline and an excellent rehearsal of the ever growing Caroline Sharpe Singers.

So, what of the concert in Long Eaton? Opinion within the choir is still divided regarding the new concert attire, which I continue to find a bit strange. If anyone still needs convincing perhaps a word with some of the audience might be a good idea. Even the most staunch opponent of any change from the traditional blazer and tie, must surely concede that it went down well with the audience. Feedback that I received suggests that we immediately appeared less like a group of old men which has got to be a good thing hasn't it?

I personally believe that with many choirs seemingly struggling to attract new blood to their ranks to keep themselves going, we perhaps all need to modernise our outlook. Choirs as a whole must inevitably move with the times or perish. A simple costume variation won't change things overnight, but it's a start and a good step in the right direction, I think.

On Wednesday I had another lesson with Caroline and this one was just great. On rare occasions I do manage to relax and just 'sing' and this was once such occasion. During the week after listening to An Die Laute over and over again on Youtube, the first verse has at last sunk in. All I need to do now is repeat the same for verse two and that's that one sorted. Caro Mio Ben is there or thereabouts and Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful is easy-peasy, so I really do believe I can have a decent stab at this Grade 4 exam in March! There's a small matter of singing Barb'ra Allen unnaccompanied, but I'm sure I'll have it cracked, he said confidently!

After all the exam stuff we finished off with a 'fun song' to quote Caroline. She handed me a copy of Bring Him Home. As Facebook followers will be aware, Mr Boe is currently a bit of a favourite of mine, particularly the rendition of this song in the 25th anniversary performance of Les Miserables. One day I will sing this song - properly, you see if I don't!

On Saturday morning it was another Caroline Sharpe Singers rehearsal and our ranks have now swelled to amazing numbers! Word is clearly getting around and friends are coming along to join in the fun! If recruitment is this easy for CSS, one wonders why the LMVC struggles to achieve the same? Hmmm!?! Anyway, the new pieces are starting to sound really good particularly Canon in D. Just wait for our next concert!

And before I go, I guess I'd better explain the reference to 'a fish called 'Bob' in the title. Well, another local singer of some repute, Neal Chantrill, is expecting a baby any day now. Actually, his wife Renata is - obviously! Anyway, it means there is no room anymore for the fishtank and it's occupant 'Bob'. Now, being a former fish keeper myself, I couldn't ignore Neal's plea for a good home for poor Bob, so I answered the call! Tomorrow I will pop over to Shepshed to collect Bob and his tank! So an unexpected and exciting end to a fine day.

I'll let you know how Bob has settled in to his new home next time.

Cheers for now,

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