Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sometimes life's coincidences are just spooky!

There are times when one wonders quite what the 'big fella upstairs' is playing at. Sometimes it seems things are afoot that are just beyond mere coincidence. I say this as a result of a phone call this evening from Caroline who had just read my previous blog. She referred to my reference to a certain Alfred Deller, a counter tenor whom I happened to stumble upon in my desperate search for useful rendition of Barb'ra Allen.

After trawling through literally hundreds of versions of the song and gradually despairing of finding an example that matched the arrangement that Caroline had supplied me with, I found a recording of it by one Alfred Deller. Now, it appears there is a rather extraordinary link between Mr Deller and The Caroline Sharpe Singers. Alfred Deller apparently has sung with another counter tenor of some repute called John Whitworth and examples of their work can be found on Youtube.

John Whitworth has a daughter called Vicki, who just so happens to be a member of Caroline Sharpe Singers and even has singing lessons with my wife Ruth. How bizarre is that?

What next? Is Paul Alfie Boe's brother-in-law? I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised!

See you next time.


  1. Not that I teach singing, you understand! It's just that Vicky and I have a joint lesson with the Cazmeister ;-)

  2. And Mark Deller, Alfred's son, is a friend of my brother, Berkeley

  3. Thanks Chris! This is all getting rather bizarre. I wonder what other strange links we have within the male voice choir? Keep them coming!


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