Friday, 8 July 2011

School's out for summer!

Well, that's it then? No more choir rehearsals until September 1st? What the heck am I going to do with myself until then? What on earth did I do with myself before the Male Voice Choir came into my life? Bit of a mystery really. . . .

It does seem a little strange to think that my Thursdays are free for a while, but as I mentioned earlier, I've got quite a bit of work to do to get some of the LOROS concert programme into my brain in time. So with a bit of dedication, I'll try to use my Thursday evenings to go through some of the songs with the aid of the good ol' mp3 files from the website to help me along.

The summer break seems to herald a time of change for the choir in some respects with some leaving for one reason or another. This means various essential roles within the choir need filling in order for it to continue to function successfully. One such vacancy is for 'Publicity Secretary' and guess who has had his arm twisted to jump into the breach? No prizes for guessing correctly. Yes indeed, yours truly has agreed to give it a go. Tim has passed on a helpful list of media contacts for me to write and email to at a suitable time before each concert or other event needing a little publicity. My vaguely coherant ramblings within the pages of this humble blog seem to have alerted one or two choir committee members to my penchant for writing, so I am probably seen as the ideal candidate to fill this role. I will give it my best shot anyway gents!

So, is that 'it' from 'A Nightingale Sang. . . ' until September, I hear you cry? Oh, heaven forbid! No, my dear friends, blogging will continue throughout the summer, with tasty tit-bits from the wonderful world of singing, such as the continuing attempts by Caroline Sharpe to get me to sing properly (next up is a shot at a Michael Buble song!) and my continued attempts to get through 'Is this the way to Amarillo'  and 'When the Saints' without screwing up!

Also, I might just take a look into the apparently thorny subject of the Loughborough Male Voice Choir's concert attire. This whole subject seems to light the passions of many of our choir's members - some for a change some against. But, whatever your views, a good debate of the pros and cons has got to be good for all concerned. So stay tuned for ideas and comment on this 'hot topic'.

Cheers for now!