Friday, 29 April 2011

One More Step. . .

How does one follow a debut gig with the Loughborough Male Voice Choir and Stevenage Ladies Choir? Well, how about singing at a Wedding with The Caroline Sharpe Singers? A few weeks ago Caroline asked whether I would I like to sing at a wedding on Friday 29th April. The date seemed to ring a few bells for some reason.

'Enchanted' have been booked for a few weddings lately and I know their reputation for excellence is spreading fast, but surely not as far as Buckingham Palace? Actually, the wedding concerned was at Prestwold, not Westminster Abbey but no less prestigious in my mind. This time Caroline required a larger choir with some extra ladies and a few male voices to add that extra bit of class. Only joking ladies! The new ladies included Ruth, Michelle, Dorothy, Shirley and Diane. The male recruits, all four of us, comprised myself, Anna's boyfriend Jake, Caroline's husband Charlie and  Jeff Buckley. While the latter sounded like he'd sung quite a bit before, the same could not be said about the other three. Charlie and Jake certainly had to endure significant arm twisting before agreeing to attend.  I recall at the LMVC Kegworth concert earlier in the year, when I was gently persuaded to pop along to a rehearsal, Charlie was less enthusiastic, saying that there was a reason why he was a drummer! I on the other hand was rather more willing to try my hand at wedding singing but had my doubts about singing hymns. And wearing a pink tie. You see, I just don't do pink. Not ever!

We arrived in good time for a run through the four hymns - an odd selection I thought, but who am I to judge? They were: All Things Bright and Beautiful; One More Step Along the World and Give me Joy in my Heart with the addition of We Pledge to One Another which we sang during the signing of the register. For some reason, I found it strangely difficult to hear my own voice and perhaps it had something to do with the church's accoustics. Caroline was standing directly in front of me so I'm sure she will let me know just how well I sang at tomorrow's lesson. I could hear myself much better during We Pledge to One Another and as a choir we seemed to be pretty darned good, even if I say so myself.

And then, like my LMVC debut, it was all over way too quickly. Off we all went, cruelly having to pass by four Prestwod Hall staff holding trays of champagne for the wedding guests. Then it was back home to reflect on a job well done I think. It was certainly another good bit of performing experience for me.

Next up is another lesson with Caroline tomorrow morning at 10 am. Have I remembered ANYTHING that she told me last time? Time will tell and I will let you know how it goes!

Until next time,

P.S. I will post some photos of today's events later, when available.

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