Tuesday, 18 September 2012

So where did summer go?

Humble apologies to all for the quite shocking lack of blog posts this summer. It really wasn't supposed to work out like that and given the fact that I remain 'between jobs' one might have expected a bit more time on my hands to do stuff like blogging?

Not a chance. Indeed, I now wonder how on earth I ever managed to do a full time job! It's a bit like building a motorway - no matter how many lanes you build they automatically fill up with traffic. Similarly, all my spare time has been filled up with all sorts of stuff, but happily it has been infinitely more enjoyable than 'permits to dig' on the A46.

I am happy to announce that I am about to embark on a life of self employment. Rather than sit around waiting for another suitable CAD job to materialise (it could be a long, long wait) I have taken courses in tiling and plastering to supplement my existing decorating abilities and intend to create my own job in Home and Garden Maintenance! My chums at the Jobcentre seem willing to throw a bit of cash my way via the 'Enterprise Alllowance' so with a bit of luck and good planning, 'Knightthorpe Home and Garden' will be launched very soon. So, for all your home and garden maintenance needs you know where to come! ;-)

So after that quite shameless bit of self promotion for which I have no intention of apologising, what of singing I hear you ask. Well, in truth I have been shamefully neglectful of my vocal cords. Caroline Sharpe Singers took a rather shorter summer break than the male voice choir and there have been a wedding or two at  Prestwold and Wymeswold to drag me out of my lethargy.

And there has been a singing lesson or two with the maestro from Barrow. Any thoughts of resting on my laurels were quickly dispelled with the suggestion that I should enter the Leicester Festival in November. This annual event has been suffering with a lack of entrants in recent years apparently so hell, why not? I can't remember the precise categories I've entered, but I will be singing 'The Lord is My Shepherd' which all fans of the Vicar of Dibley will know, and 'Linden Lea' which I really like. Peter Bateman is also entering and if we end up competing against each other it could be a right laugh!

Last Thursday evening, the Loughborough Male Voice Choir returned for our first rehearsal of the new season and welcomed two new members! I would like to claim the credit for this triumph of recruitment as that very day the 'Echo' printed my poetically compiled plea for new singing blood. However, one of the newbies is Jeff Buckley who I know from Caroline Sharpe Singers and had been threatening to join for a while. The other, Owen I think his name is, happens to be a relative of Ray, our treasurer and is returning to the choir after four years away at University. Anyway, welcome guys and I hope you have a fun time!

Alarmingly there is just a few short weeks before our first gig of the autumn, at our 'home' at Trinity. This will see the Merthyr tydfil Ladies Choir join us for what should be a cracking concert and more on that next time.

Cheers for now,

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