Saturday, 10 August 2013

March in August and ladies with large posteriors?

So summer is here and singing takes something of a back seat. Loughborough Male Voice Choir rehearsals are on hold until early September but recent emails from the MD Chris Hill reminds us all to do a bit of work on a few parts in readiness for 'hitting the ground running' when we return as concerts in Kegworth, Trinity MCC and Merthyr Tydfil come thick and fast.

Caroline Sharpe Singers though aren't quite so idle, with regular Saturday morning rehearsals continuing throughout the summer, albeit interrupted by the occasional holiday. A concert in the town of March in the county of (I think) Cambridgeshire is focusing our minds at present and the aim of singing Masquerade without copies seems to have induced a state of panic in one or two.

Admittedly, yours truly needs to get his 'finger out' and learn his lines. As with most pieces this isn't usually too much of a problem when singing in a choir. Solo singing is a different kettle of frogs all together, but in a choir and with a conductor mouthing the words a bit, it will be fine. The trip to March will be great, with the choir plus fans and groupies taking the trip by coach. Should be fun!

With eyes on future gigs, Caroline introduced a new piece at this morning's rehearsal. Arranged by a certain Chris Hill, we are to attempt the Freddie Mercury and Queen classic Fat Bottomed Girls. This requires one or more male singers to take on the main verses as solos. The chorus provided by the rest of the choir seems quite tricky in parts, particularly the tenor part which is higher than the soprano part. Hmm, must have words with Mr Hill! Anyway, I am destined to take on one of the solo verses, probably the first verse which contains those immortal words "left alone with big fat fanny".

Now, I remember a chap called Simon Cowell of X-Factor fame, saying to one deluded fool after attempting to cover a Michael Jackson song, "if you are going to take on an icon, you have GOT to do it well". Whatever you may think of Mr Cowell, he does know what he is talking about. Freddie Mercury is probably the dictionary definition of 'icon', so a great deal of Youtube study of Freddie and videos of this song will inevitably follow. This is no place for Alfie Boe type 'proper'singing, but an opportunity to 'let ones-self go'.

I just hope I have got the nerve for this. It will provide me with the chance to live my fantasy of being a rock star for the day and God willing I won't need to be too intoxicated to achieve it! Next Monday evening's singing lesson with Caroline will include my first stab at FBG and I'll let you know how it goes. 

Cheers for now,

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  1. Can't wait to hear you do your solo ;) Also cannot wait for the March trip, bagsy the back seats on the coach!


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