Friday, 23 September 2011

The Council and its Carillon

It would seem that the impression I have gained of  Charnwood Council being slightly less than committed to the well being of Loughborough's Carillon might not be entirely accurate. One or two details have come to light which suggest that maintenence of the Carillon is indeed being carried out to some degree on an annual basis, so I am happy to set the record straight.

I understand that about two years ago, several of the bells were found to be loose and Taylors were engaged to carry out the necessary repairs. Since then, Taylors have undertaken yearly maintenance and this is to continue. Additionally, should any issues arise such as the transmissions or batons breaking, then Taylors would be engaged to carry out any repairs.

So all this is good news and to give credit where it is due, the council is at the very least committed to ensure that this magnificent instrument is playable for the forseeable future.

Having said all that though, it is obvious to anyone who has attended one of Caroline's recitals, that the clavier would benefit from some renovation to make it less noisy to play. I understand that Taylors have expressed the desire to undertake a complete renovation of the entire Carillon including replacing the clavier and even recasting some of the bells. The cost of a renovation on that scale would I am sure be financially prohibitive in the current economic climate, but some renovation of the noisy clattering clavier shouldn't be beyond the scope of future budgets surely? Anyway, I'll leave it to the relevant Coucillors to argue over that one.

What shouldn't cost much and is certainly long overdue is the recognition of Caroline's commitment by formally bestowing upon her the official title of 'Borough Carillonneur'. It appears that many people think that Caroline already is the Borough Carillonneur. But, this has never actually happened in any official way. Thinking about the way Councils and other employers work these days, in order for this to happen, it might mean that the position would have to be formally advertised to allow any member of 'Joe Public' to apply for the position, incurring a certain expense. Well yes maybe, but just how many applications are there likely to be received for the position of 'Borough Carillonneur', bearing in mind such creatures are on the 'Red List' of endangered species??? Not many methinks!

So come on Charnwood Council! Do the right thing and make it official. You know I'm right!

Cheers for now,

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