Monday, 19 September 2011

Now we're getting somewhere!

After last weeks revelation that maybe, just maybe, there is indeed a 'voice' deep within me somewhere, desperate to be liberated from its stress-inhibited strait-jacket, it was with some trepidation that I approached my next lesson. Would the 'voice' still be there or would it once again retreat into its shell like a tortoise, never to be seen again?

Oh ye of little faith! After the usual mix of warm-up routines, off we went with another shot at Where e're You Walk, in the now revised higher key. As the high bit at "and all, things flourish", approached I started to think about it  (always a mistake) and it wasn't quite there, at least initially. Mid-note, things opened out a touch and the volume emerged. That was all the reassurance I needed - that last week wasn't a freak occurrance. It really is there and available on demand. Hoorah! During the week, I had practiced a bit, most often in the car on the way to work, but it's not easy to sing well sitting down I find. Goodness knows how opera singers manage it while acting and sitting down on stage.

So, Where e're You Walk is coming along nicely. The second half 'twiddly bits' need a bit of work, but we're getting there. Time then to have another go at Caro Mio Ben by Giuseppe Giordani. The last time I attempted this one a few months ago, I remember it being all rather feeble and inept. This time, however it was a slightly different story. With my new found, fledgling voice starting to emerge, it felt a whole lot better, "now that you've got a 'proper' voice", as Caroline put it.

Meanwhile, Ruth and sis-in-law Julia, had returned from a touch of shopping and were sneakily listening to my latest efforts, which brought a warm round of applause from the church. Disappointingly, I heard no calls for MORE! Oh well, there were just the two of them and it is early days I guess?

Before I go, regular readers of this blog may recall my recent 'rant' on the subject of Loughborough Carillon and its Carillonneur, Caroline Sharpe. Click here to read it if you missed it. Well, it seems this humble blog was discovered by a chap called Mel Gould from the Carillon Museum and he has forwarded a copy of that posting to various individuals including a number of people on Charnwood Council! On hearing of this development, I hastily re-read the article to remind myself exactly what I had said and I must say, I stand by every word. It will be interesting to see what develops. Perhaps a follow-up email by myself to a few of the recipients? I'll let you know what transpires.

Until next time.


  1. Absolutely right about the Carillon needing to be valued. It is one of the things that makes the town distinctive and needs to be valued for its place in Loughborough's history and spirit.

  2. Thanks for your comment Chris. I rather think councillors lose sight of what is really important to a community. The Carillon needs looking after properly to ensure it remains a part of the town's long term future. Loughborough without its Carillon is unthinkable!


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