Saturday, 21 January 2012

Expanding repertoire for Caroline Sharpe Singers and the dreaded 'lurg'. . .

Okay, so I'm a bit late. Forgive me, but I've not quite been one hundred percent these last few days. You know the script - feeling a bit below par and not really knowing why? Well, last night the sore throat started, requiring a Lemsip at 5am. Well, I am male after all!

Many thanks then go to a certain colleague of mine who shall remain nameless (Kevin!) who heroically came into work every day despite suffering with a terrible cold and cough. Well done! Net result, he gives it to me. Cheers! Why do people do that eh? Al's Rule of Life Number 1: If you are ill, STAY AT HOME. My beloved employers even have a set of 'Golden Rules' and Golden Rule Number 1 is, and I quote, "BE FIT FOR WORK". I rest my case yer 'onor!

Will this prevent me getting to the next Caroline Sharpe Singers rehearsal on Saturday 21st? No way matey! Rest assured fellow singers, if I was snuffling and coughing, I WOULD'VE STAYED AT HOME!!! Will the lurg come and go in time for the concert in Long Eaton next Saturday? Well, please will you all say a collective prayer or two over the next seven days and will it away? Cheers!

Anyway, I will now rewind back to Saturday 14th and the first C.S.S. rehearsal of the new year.  This brought some new faces - a lass called Gail plus another bloke! Great stuff! Paul, seemed to enjoy it but apparently felt rather nervous. Well, all I can say Paul, is do have a read through earlier postings on this blog about my own personal battle!  Nerves are there to be overcome and you won't find a better bunch of people to help you achieve it. The great thing about the Caroline Sharpe Singers is the wide mixture of abilities within the group. There's accomplished voices, complete beginners and all manner of levels inbetween. But there's never any embarrassment at messing up. Heaven knows I mess up and often, but we all have a laugh about it. It's that relaxed atmosphere that helps me 'go for it', more so than the male voice choir if I'm totally honest. Sometimes I do feel a little intimidated by the seemingly greater abilities and experience of the rest of the chaps in the MVC, but it is getting better in that respect. So Paul, stick at it and you'll love it. Trust me!

To start the new year, Caroline has introduced some great new pieces to the choir's repertoire. Firstly I believe, famously sung by Elvis I believe! :-) This will include Enchanted singing Ave Maria over the top. Should be interesting! Secondly, we have Almost Like Being in Love from Brigadoon and also Canon in D by Pachelbel. So good stuff to come in the next concert in April.

This morning, Saturday 21st following my early morning Lemsip, I feared the worst but the voice stood up to the test and Almost Like Being in Love is starting to sound pretty good. It never ceases to amaze me how new songs start as a bit of a mess and are rapidly transformed into a really impressive sound. As Chris Hill says, something magical happens when people come together and sing!

Meanwhile, it's German and Italian for me as I aim  for that exam! Caro mio Ben is coming on and my Italian is now sounding less like chinese thankfully. Initially, my pronunciation of 'Caro mio' sounded like I was about to order a chicken chow mein and some egg fried rice! But it's coming together now I think except for the exciting climax. Caroline has added a challenging 'twiddly bit' just to make it interesting. Then there's Schubert's An die Laute. Rather than Chinese, trying to get my tongue around German words like 'nacht', 'licht' and 'nachbarn nicht' makes me sound more like a gay dance instructor with a speech impediment - apparently. Ruth, while sitting in on my lesson noticed the striking resemblance, aurally at least to the hilarious Louie Spence. I'm afraid the vertical leg kicks are well beyond me alas.

With that slightly frightening image I will bid you all farewell.

Until next time!
Cheers, Alyn.

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