Friday, 27 January 2012

One night to Long Eaton

There is now less than twenty-four hours before our first concert of 2012. Tomorrow night the LMVC will go just a few miles over to Long Eaton's Duchess Theatre where we will present a concert entitled 'Thank You for the Music' with our extra special guests,  Enchanted. The question on everyone's lips (well mine actually), is: Will I manage to rid myself of 'the lurg' sufficiently to enable me to sing the whole concert?

Thursday's final rehearsal did not bode well. The lurg had finished its work in the nasal region and by Thursday evening was concentrating its attention on the chest. Several coughing fits ensued mid-song and the voice finally fell apart altogether during When the Saints. Mind you, I've never got that one right yet, so a coughing fit might prove something of an improvement! Whatever state my fragile voice is in it will probably be better than nowt. You see bailing out is not an option as we currently have something of a Second Tenor crisis.

Gwyn left at Christmas,  Ray Walker is off on yet another holiday (a six week epic this time!), Peter Bateman is currently indisposed due to having his knees done (get well soon Peter!) and Jim Lacey is simply unavailable for this one. So that leaves just Reg Winning, John Holt and me. Chris Hill has even mentioned the outrageous possibility of granting a baritone or two a 'free transfer' over to us second tenors! What is the man thinking? Only joking boys! You'll be very welcome and it would restore a bit of balance to the choir I think.

Now, the last week also saw an extra committee meeting at Chairman Higgins' house, this time to discuss one topic - recruitment. It's a tricky one this and seems a problem that is not exclusive to our choir. I believe one or two choirs locally are in danger of folding and others are, contemplating amalgamation.  So we tried to  suggest some ideas of how to get in contact with those people out there that want to sing but like me, for whatever reason have not done anything about it.  I won't download all the meeting now, but suffice to say, one avenue to explore is to increase our presence on the 'wibbly-wobbly-way' - the internet. So without further ado, we now have a Facebook page, hastily thrown together by 'yours truly'.

So when you finish reading this post, I expect you all to immediately click on the link button on the  right-hand column of this blog (see 'The Choir on Facebook') and go take a look. It's in its infancy obviously, and more stuff will appear as I get to grips with it. But please make sure you 'Like' the page and leave comments, suggestions, photos, reviews, in fact whatever you like - good or bad. Constructive criticism is always welcome and I promise to respond to anything asked as quickly as I am able.
Meanwhile, Chris Hill is looking into Twitter too and maybe we will get everything linked up in time.

So that's your lot for now. Time for my beauty sleep in readiness for tomorrow night's cultural extravaganza! It's a great venue - not a duff seat in the house and a mere £6 each. How can you refuse?

See y'all in Long Eaton?

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